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Better Than a Scooter Ride?

guests on vegas trike adventure on strip at night

One of the biggest questions we always get from customers is:

How is a Trike different than a scooter?  Is it better?

I am here to tell you resolutely YES.  A Trike is one of the most fun Las Vegas strip tours you can take.

Let’s go over some of the reasons, shall we?


Now I’m no genius, but I don’t have to be Sir Isaac Newton to tell you that 3-wheels is infinitely more safe than 2-wheeled scooters.  On a trike, you are stable at all times during the ride.  No more tipping over, and destroying your knees, face, skull (ugh), I don’t even want to think about it.

If you’ve ever seen the massive road rash from a scooter that tips over going 45 miles her hour you would understand my disdain for even thinking about it.

Bottom line is Trikes are safe, scooter are not.


Safety is a natural segue to this next topic, which is that Trikes are just more kid-friendly.  Now of course, you do need to be 16 to operate them, but a kid-can safely ride behind you, and you don’t have to worry about them.  Putting your kid on a scooter is just bad parenting in my opinion.  WAY to risky.  Why even take the chance.

Hip & New

Scooter are nerdy looking.  Trikes are new, hip & awesome.  Would you rather look like a nerdy tourist, or a cool space astronaut on his way to board the rocket ship!  Okay, okay, I’m getting carried away with this analogy; However, the main takeaway is.  Trikes look cool; Scooters look dorky.


Hip & new means eyeballs will be a-watchin-you as you glide down the Las Vegas Strip.  I’ve personally been on several Trike tours, and the tourists all smile, stare & point at us.  We look cool, they know it, and we know it.  If you want to grab some attention, riding in a Trike gang is one great way to accomplish it!

Easier to Shoot Photo & Video

Being that the trike is so stable, the person riding behind can easily snap shots with a camera phone, video camera, etc.  The extra stability allows for way better shots.  And when you come to Vegas, isn’t the point to capture digital memories along the way?  So if you want better photos & videos to show to friends, you’ll be much more apt on the back of a Trike versus the back of an unstable (and dorky – did I mention that yet?) scooter pooter.

Two-Person Rides

Scooters CAN hold two people but it is not a good idea.  They werent’ designed for that.  Our Trikes are made for two people.   You & your kid, you & your GF, you and your BFF, you and Gramma!  The possibilities are endless!

No Motorcycle License Needed

They aren’t classified as motorcycles, so you don’t need a license to ride them!  This makes jumping on a Trike immediate, and at the ready.  Come on down & try one (you won’t regret it).

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