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Spring is Coming – Reserve Your Trike Today

guests on vegas trike adventure on strip

When is the last time you booked a Las Vegas strip scooter tour?  If the answer is never, then perhaps its time to skip the scooter, and graduate to the big leagues.

Trikes are where its at baby.

Why, you may ask?  The answers to this are numerous and lengthy, so I won’t go into detail.  What I will say is that Spring time is a-comin, and there is no better time to book your Trike tour than now.

Take Advantage of the Weather

Vegas weather is marvelous for half the year – Almost San Franciscan.  With the birds chirping, and the pollen blowing (okay scratch that one), spring time brings out the best in Vegas.  You almost feel like singing the Sound of Music theme song at the local park.

There is NO better time to be on the back of a trike, cruising down the Las Vegas Strip than now.  Don’t waste the amazing weather opportunity we are having right now.

Awesome Spring Time discounts

Just in time for Spring, Vegas Trike Adventures is also offering some awesome Spring time discounts.

  • Buy 1 ride, get 1 free (2 person occupancy)
  • Half price bookings (only $99 as of this writing)
  • Free hotel pickup & dropoff for the whole family ($30 value)

If saving money is your thing, then now is the time to book.

Rekindle a Friendship

What’s so great about Trikes is that they are designed for a buddy.  A gal pal.  A lover.  A son or daughter.  Or just a friend.  Every couple that gets on one of these babies ends up smiling ear to ear by the time they get off.

And remember those studies that adrenaline-inducing experiences with others helps rekindle the fire?  Well riding on the back of a trike is just the right recipe needed to get those adrenal glands going.

Save Money

Scooters only allow 1 person, and they cost the same to rent.  Our Vegas trike rentals seat two, which means you get 2 for 1.  Everybody loves 2 for 1 deals.  If everybody didn’t love them, then businesses would stop using them.

Fact is, it’s a great deal, and you should partake of it now.

Get Some Fresh Air

Las Vegas is an indoor city.  But with the weather so hospitable right now, wouldn’t you be better off outside getting some fresh air – on the back of a Trike?  Ask your doctor, I think he/she will agree.  Getting fresh air on the back of a trike is just what the doctor ordered.

Love Yourself

When is the last time you treated yourself to a hot date?  Maybe you don’t spend enough time nurturing your relationship with yourself?  Booking a Vegas Trike tour is good for you, and will help you to better love yourself.  Fun is just what you need to keep the love going 🙂

Love Your Wallet

And finally, the top reason to book a Trike Tour is that they are so darn affordable.  You get to see all these amazing Strip locations, enjoy a fun space-age ride, and it will NOT break your budget!

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