A Fun Tour For Every First-Time Traveler In Las Vegas

Almost everybody has heard of or at least know a good reason to visit the city of Las Vegas. With its constant appearances in television shows, movies, books, and magazines, one cannot help but be drawn to the energy of this fabulous city. Want to get to know Las Vegas on a more personal Level? With the strip tour in V......... more »

Spring is Coming – Reserve Your Trike Today

When is the last time you booked a Las Vegas strip scooter tour?  If the answer is never, then perhaps its time to skip the scooter, and graduate to the big leagues. Trikes are where its at baby. Why, you may ask?  The answers to this are numerous and lengthy, so I won't go into detail.  What I will say is tha......... more »

Better Than a Scooter Ride?

One of the biggest questions we always get from customers is: How is a Trike different than a scooter?  Is it better? I am here to tell you resolutely YES.  A Trike is one of the most fun Las Vegas strip tours you can take. Let's go over some of the reasons, shall we? Safer Now I'm no genius, but I don't ......... more »

Make The Most Of Your Visit With Las Vegas Motorcycle Tours

The best way to enjoy The Entertainment Capital of the World is to avail of Las Vegas motorcycle tours.  Exploring a new place is always exciting but setting out on an adventure without the help of  local tour guides may cause tourists to waste time on getting lost, miss out on important places and to spend more than......... more »

Take The Romantic Route: Book Our Las Vegas Strip Tours

Getting on Las Vegas strip tours this Valentine’s day would be the best date you’ll ever be in.  if you ask me there’s no better way to show your love than taking them on a road trip through the bright lights of Vegas.  Feel the wind in your hair as you cruise through Sin City on all three wheels.  Good thing ......... more »

Cruise Around In Style With A Las Vegas Strip Tour

Las Vegas has always been a place of pleasure and enjoyment over the past couple of decades. Its glitz and glamour reflected by the bright neon lights and the flashy establishments along the Las Vegas Strip. Ask 20 different people and they would give you 20 reasons why Vegas is so amazing. Las Vegas has appeal to almo......... more »

Top Tourist Destinations You Can Visit With Motorcycle Tours Las Vegas

While Las Vegas has a wide variety of casinos according to 10 Best, there are things to do here other than gamble. The city is booming with choices of tourist destinations that don’t involve spending a lot of cash. Most tourists enjoy taking in the sights along the Vegas Strip. This place is particularly impressive d......... more »

Why Summer Is The Best Time To Book A Las Vegas Strip Tour

Is there ever a right time to go on a Las Vegas strip tour? Is it when it’s too hot in your place of origin? Is it when it’s too cold? For starters, there is never a wrong time to visit this place. But if lounging by the pool and sipping some cold drinks is what you look forward to, then summer is the best time to ......... more »

See Las Vegas From A Different Perspective

Summer is fast approaching and folks are busy thinking of places to go and things to do. Most people would think about visiting the famous Sin City, Las Vegas. Just thinking about the glitz and glamour of Las Vegas makes people feel excited of all the things they can do there. Las Vegas strip tours are popular activiti......... more »

Make Your First Trip To Las Vegas Unforgettable

Visiting the fabulous city of Las Vegas for the first time is an experience you will never forget. There are so many things to see in Vegas and The Strip is at the top of the list! With the city’s vibrant energy, bright lights, beautiful architecture, and more, people are sure to have a great time. Want in on the bes......... more »

Amp Up The Fun This Summer With A Scooter Tour Around Vegas

With the great weather and vibrant energy of summer, it is one of the best times to take an adventure. The kids are free, everyone’s relaxed, and there’s just so much to see this time of year. Looking for fun activities to do this summer? Whether you are a local or a tourist, the exciting Las Vegas scooter tours ar......... more »

Adventures Through Hoover Dam with Las Vegas Motorcycle Tours

The world’s largest dam and also considered to be an engineering marvel at the time of its construction in the 1930s, it would always give you a big thrill when driving past the Hoover dam. Named after Herbert hoover, the 31st president of the United States, it was also referred to as “Boulder Canyon Dam” and “......... more »

Activities for Las Vegas: Why Traveling with a Group Trumps Independent Travel

One of the best things about travel is that it is one of the most enriching experiences you can do today. With a few days spent on a single location, you get to experience the different food, cultures, and experiences present in a single place. However, in order to experience these local delights, you must first go int......... more »

Have a Stress-Free Trip, Experience Fun Las Vegas Activities for Adults

Traveling is one of those things that enrich the spirit and serve as a quick escape from the usual bustle of everyday life. For a lot of people, it has become a source of fun experiences and great outlet for stress. However, not all trips can be stress free. For those who are travelling alone, there’s always things l......... more »

Give in to Fun! See the City on Las Vegas Motorcycle Tours

Las Vegas is definitely a must see destination. With all the extravagant casinos, glamorous hotels and resorts, exciting experiences, and breathtaking sights, this city can be hard to resist. With so many different things to see all at once, how can you make the most of your tip to the city? According to Cheap O Vegas,......... more »

Make the Most of Your Vegas Trip, Save Time with Scooter Tours Las Vegas

Traveling is one of the most enriching experiences there is today. However, between the unfamiliarity of a new place and the time wasted from getting lost, exploring a new city can be a challenge. So how can one explore the city without worrying? With a scooter tour in Las Vegas, you get to see popular local and intern......... more »

Get the Real Vegas Experience at Vegas Trike Adventures

Downtown Las Vegas has a very rich history if you really dig everything up. Well, it’s known by most to be just a place with casinos and adult entertainment. It hasn’t changed that much, it’s just there are attractions there that may be worth seeing, like a zipline if you’re into that sort of thing. What better......... more »

Essentials to Bring on a Vegas Vacation

Everyone had trips wherein they forget that one thing that they wish they hadn’t forgotten about, whether or not it’s your first time going to the place. May it be packing for a completely different season, or bringing a ton of clothes even when you’re only needed to stay for the night. How can someone enjoy Las ......... more »

Useful Guide When Vegas is Your Next Travel Destination

Las Vegas Strip Tour: Your Travel Guide Not all women in Las Vegas are cocktail waitresses, and as for men, blackjack dealers. No one wants your kidneys as well. Just dispelling those little misconceptions for you, there’s more to find out about Vegas from locals themselves. Las Vegas has been the ultimate adult pla......... more »

A Look into the History of Downtown Las Vegas

Las Vegas Strip Scooter Tour: A Trip Down Memory Lane Las Vegas’ history is fascinating to say the least. Today’s shimmering global tourism central came from humble beginnings, from the early days as a Native American oasis to the wild West. Las Vegas has always been a fun place to be, from hotels to casinos, from......... more »

Take Your Adventure to the Next Level with a Unique Way to Tour the Las Vegas Strip

Las Vegas is one of the most exciting places on earth. With its flurry of energy, the 24-hour casinos, interesting shops, and luxurious hotel, it is hard not to be dazzled. Every year tourists flock to the city to see it for themselves. It was stated in Wikipedia that every year, more than 40 million tourists go in and......... more »

Fall In Love With The Strip With Las Vegas Scooter Tours

It is hard not to fall in love with the energy of Las Vegas. This city is home to so many beautiful places, attractions, and destinations that everybody has to see it at least once in their lives. A trip to this wonderful city is always a great break. Planning a short visit? Make sure to check out the wold famous Las V......... more »

Open Your Eyes: See and Tour Las Vegas Strip in an Entirely New and Exciting Way

Las Vegas is a city that attracts attention from every part of the world. According to the Las Vegas Convention and Visitors Authority, 42,312,216 tourists visited the city for the year 2015 alone. With the city’s energy and its vibrant colors, it can be hard to resist. Planning your visit to the city is always a goo......... more »

5 Interesting Pawn Stars Facts You Need To Know

The History show, Pawn Stars, has taken the country by storm. This show chronicles the dealings and activities at the world famous Gold and Silver Pawn Shop in Las Vegas, Nevada. If you are one of the many followers of this top rated show, you can now drop by the shop during one of the popular Strip tours Las Vegas. A......... more »

What Every Tourist Must Know About Las Vegas, Nevada

Within a frame of a hundred years, the city of Las Vegas has transformed itself from a desert in Southern Nevada to a dazzling city known for its exuberant energy. Over this period of time, the city has managed to catch the world’s attention. From the extravagant casinos to the luxurious spas and resorts to the scoot......... more »

Planning to Visit Las Vegas Here are Some Cool Facts

Undeniably, Las Vegas is definitely a popular city. Despite this exposure, there’s till so much to learn about this multi-dimensional city. Whether it’s through internet research or a Vegas strip tour, there are a lot of ways to know more about the city. For those who want to know more, here are some cool facts abo......... more »

Hoover Dam Tour: Get to Know More About the World’s Biggest Dam

One of the best things about the city of Las Vegas is its diversity. Thanks to being one of the top tourist destinations in the world it has gotten a fair share of visitors from every different country. With an audience that big, the city manages to capture everyone’s attention. There’s always the option of revelli......... more »

3 Things Everyone Should Know About the Hoover Dam

Hoover Dam tours from Vegas While visiting the city of Las Vegas, taking a break from the busy streets and bustling nights of the city is a great idea. A quick getaway to the Hoover Dam is one of the best things to do while in the city. Enjoy in the company of water while marvelling in the awe-inspiring engineering fe......... more »

Surprising Facts You Didn’t Know About the Welcome to Las Vegas Sign

Las Vegas is definitely one of those places to see at least once in a lifetime. The city has built itself up as one of the best tourist destinations in the United States raking over thirty million tourists a year. There’s so much to see and do in the city may it be having a go at the slot machines or joining a Las Ve......... more »

Why Visit Downtown Las Vegas on a Cool Trike Tour?

Among the hundreds of cities in the world, the city of Las Vegas has made a name for itself by being one of the most eccentric places on this planet. Everywhere you look, there is a flash of color, a blur of light, or a mesmerizing vision. The city has a beauty of its own. Being one of the most prominently featured ......... more »

Advantages of a Guided Trike Tour in Las Vegas

There is always something exciting about new locations. Everywhere, there are amazing things to experience from the new culture to the exotic food choices to the landmarks. Discovering the city on your own can be one of the most rewarding things to do on tour but only if there is enough time. For a lot of tourists, the......... more »

Container Park Las Vegas: Visit the Hottest Social Spot in Town

With the rise of green architecture, designers have become more creative with the materials they use. All over the world, there have been new architectural ideas that are being used like the houses in Bali made of a hundred percent bamboo and the houses in Mexico made from recycled beer bottles and clay. Being the inno......... more »

See the Iconic Shelby Cobra Up Close with a Las Vegas Strip Tour

It takes an awful lot of hard work, sweat and passion to be known as a legend. Greek heroes like Hercules and Achilles had to train, fight and prove themselves to be the legends they are today. The Shelby Cobra is no different. The story behind this iconic vehicle is one for the books. This legendary race car is one o......... more »

Explore Fremont Street with a Las Vegas Strip Tour

Las Vegas is not called the "City of Lights" for no reason. It has a tendency to go just a bit over the top but in a good way. This flair for the dramatic can be seen in the bustling energy and vibrant liveliness of the best part of the westernmost blocks of Fremont Street. A visit to the city would not be complete wi......... more »

Count’s Kustoms: A Haven for Car Afficionados

To some, cars may just be a machine that take them from one point to another but to others, they mean so much more. There are people who consider them as a form of art and Danny Koker is one of them. Danny, also known as “The Count,” is the brains behind the popular reality television show, Counting Cars. The show ......... more »

Fun Things to Do in Las Vegas for Families

With family trips, it is always fun to embrace the unexpected. It may come as a surprise to some that a city like Las Vegas is actually a great family destination. The city is home to fun filled activities like the Adventuredome or the Las Vegas Strip tour. Places like the lion or dolphin habitat make for both an educa......... more »

Fun Facts You Must Know About the Pawn Stars

Among the estimated twelve thousand pawn shops operating in the United States alone is one that not only rises above the rest and it is the world famous Silver and Gold Pawn Shop in the city of Las Vegas. This pawn shop has made its name known to the rest of the world thanks to the widely acclaimed reality show, Pawn S......... more »

Things You Probably Didn’t Know About the Las Vegas Strip

We see a lot of Las Vegas from movies and photos and magazines but nothing beats the real thing. Do you have plans to get to know the city a little better? Here are some facts to hype you up about the Las Vegas strip tour. Tourist by the Millions Las Vegas is one of those cities that need no introduction. Thanks to i......... more »

Things to Do When You Are in Las Vegas

Las Vegas, a city famous for its bright lights and endless parties. There is so much to do in this city may they be taking in the sights of the world class hotels to enjoying the view while taking the Las Vegas strip tour. There is literally an endless list of things to experience during a visit to Las Vegas so where s......... more »

Make Your Vegas Strip Experience More Memorable with a Guided Tour

A lot of times, when you’re on vacation exploring an exciting location, it is really easy to get lost. Although getting lost may be a little fun, it could also eat away at some precious hours of vacation time. To avoid this loss of time you can choose to join a bus tour. Here, you get to see a location along with cur......... more »

Fremont Street: Exciting Things to Do for Tourists

Fremont Street is one of the most famous destinations in Las Vegas with shopping, entertainment and gaming to light up your vacation. There are a wide range of selections and adventure waiting for you along this side of the city. Not so much gambling here, don’t worry! Vegas Trike Adventures will make your Fremont......... more »

The King of All Signs: The “Welcome to Las Vegas” Sign

You know you’ve made it to Las Vegas when you see the world famous “Welcome to Las Vegas” sign that’s futuristically catchy! But did you know that the “Welcome to Las Vegas” sign, isn’t really inside the city premises? Yes, it’s actually located at a neighboring town of Paradise. So technically, you hav......... more »

Meet the World Famous Pawn Stars

The world- famous Pawn Stars have earned their title by the way they fuse entertainment and business. They simply blend in their quirkiness and kick in some attitude that has made an impression in the entertainment industry. It’s no question that they earned their title. Let us get to know more about the men behind t......... more »

A Peek Inside Shelby’s Auto Museum

Automobile junkies of the world, rejoice! Shelby’s Automotive Museum is bound to be your heaven on earth! Vegas Trike tours will take you to see the unbelievable display of beautiful cars at your convenience and at a reasonable price! Yes, you heard it right!! You can ride on a cool trike and explore the world famou......... more »

Las Vegas Strip Tour Attractions

Our most popular tour is the Vegas Strip Tour.  It's the most convenient for most short-stay vacationers to Las Vegas, it costs less, and you get to see an amazing array of cool attractions along the way. This tour takes you completely from one end of the Las Vegas Strip, all the way to other end. In this article we......... more »

How Safe Are Trike Tours?

We get a lot of families with kids that want to take our Las Vegas Trike tours, and one of their main concerns is the safety of the Trike.  We often hear "are Trikes safe for kids?" The answer to this is a resounding yes! Is it safer than a car?  Definitely not, but relatively speaking, a 3-wheeled vehicle is m......... more »

My Personal Experience on The Las Vegas Strip Tour

The following is a submission by a customer that participated in our Las Vegas Strip Tour.  I first came across Vegas Trike Adventures while searching for "las vegas motorcycle strip tours" in Google.  I saw their ad on top of the search results, and I was immediately enticed by the word "Trike" in the listing.  "W......... more »