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VIP Hoover Dam Trike/Slingshot Tour

Sightseeing Experience of Hoover Dam on Trikes!

Quick Details

  • Slingshots have Automatic Transmission!
  • Helmets – $10.00
  • No deposit Required!
  • Fleet of Rewaco Trikes!
  • 1 Free bottle of water!
  • $20.00 additional driver charge
  • Signed Liability Waiver Required
  • Must Present Valid Drivers License
  • Insurance and Gas Included
  • Not Included- Tour Guide Gratuity!
Trike 1 or 2 passengers per trike
Automatic Slingshot 1 or 2 passengers per slingshot

Experience the Hoover Dam on a Rewaco Trike

No Motorcycle License Needed and All Trikes are Automatic Transmission – Anyone with a regular Drivers license can ride!

After a short safety briefing and practice session, get ready for a fun and thrilling time as you take control of your very own Rewaco trike motorcycle!

There is no motorcycle license needed, and these automatic trikes are very easy to ride. The two wheels in the back help you feel safe as you embark on the adventure of your life. People of all ages agree that this breathtaking ride is an opportunity of a lifetime. Take in beautiful views along your ride and create lasting memories!

Experience the excitement of the open road while taking in iconic views of Lake Mead and the Hoover Dam. You’ll see this famous destination from a different perspective as you ride past iconic sights such as the engineering marvel of Hoover Dam, beautiful Lake Mead, historic Boulder City, and the Mike O’Callaghan-Pat Tillman Memorial Bridge.

Tour or Rental Pricing

Valid for up to two (2) passengers per trike with a combined weight of 400 pounds or up to two (2) passengers per slingshot with a combined weight of 450 pounds If you wish to drive your own trike or exceed the combined weight limits, you must make a separate booking.